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  • End of an Era

    In the fall of 2008 I sat at my desk at work feeling pukey and scratched out several ideas for a mommy blog name on a post-it and arrived at this one: Navigating the Mothership. It was a good name, I think. Does anyone remember this lady? She is waving goodbye. I am officially calling it […]

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  • Chicken Noodle Soup

    Did you know if you make your own chicken noodle soup from scratch it tastes really good? Like order-it-in-a-restaurant tasty? Go-back-and-get-a-second-bowl delicious? I honestly did not have any real feelings one way or another towards chicken noodle soup until the day I made my own stock for the broth and needless to say it was a […]

  • Book Reviews
  • Book Reviews

    I keep reading much faster than I write these but here are a few more book reviews to share. Oh and heads up – these are Amazon affiliate links. Maybe in Another Life: A Novel Do you find the ill-fitting dress on the cover as distracting as I do? Cover issues aside (since the author […]

  • Book Reviews
  • Book Reviews

    As I play catch-up on my past year and a half of book reviews, I have decided to break these posts down into 10 book reviews or so per post. I think I’ll end up with six of these posts this summer as I will review ~60 of the 100+ I read (some were duds […]

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  • Kids’ Meals

    Congrats to Jodi for winning the Tractor Book & Toy Giveaway! I have fallen off the wagon a bit from photographing and sharing hese meals given how busy things have been at home, but I plan to continue this series in some format. I also want to show pictures of what our adults meals look […]