Once upon a time I started a blog. I wrote about my life as a single 20-something living in an apartment in Uptown. I blogged about Boyfriend who became Fiancé who became Husband who confusingly became Raj and then Max. The apartment became a townhome in NE Minneapolis and then a house in the suburbs. The cats went from three to two to one to none and we are now back at one. The children went from none to one to two to done to just-kidding-make-that-three.

I love blogging and I appreciate all the great things it has brought me but now that the first baby is not a baby at all, it no longer feels right. Or at least keeping all that original content in its overshare glory no longer feels right. So I have excised about 90% of the blog and we are left with some recipes, nutrition-related posts, book reviews and a few activities for kids. I am still trying to figure out what my next move might be, whether that is to start a new blog that focuses mostly on food & nutrition or to say a peaceful goodbye forever to my blogging days.

In the meantime, I am still checking my blog email at least once a week so you can still contact me at navigatingthemothership@gmail.com.

Now we can cue up the Golden Girls theme song.


The Mothership