• Chicken
  • Chicken Noodle Soup

    Did you know if you make your own chicken noodle soup from scratch it tastes really good? Like order-it-in-a-restaurant tasty? Go-back-and-get-a-second-bowl delicious? I honestly did not have any real feelings one way or another towards chicken noodle soup until the day I made my own stock for the broth and needless to say it was a […]

  • Drinks
  • Mocktail O’Clock

    Max and I are on a health kick and are trying to keep our alcohol drinking to a minimum these days – only one night a week or so. It’s as WOMP WOMP as it sounds. Grown-upping. The worst. But! We have mocktails and I wanted to share how I like to mocktail it up. […]

  • Chicken
  • Mexican Chicken Soup

    This soup is a favorite staple in our house and I made sure to get a few batches of it tucked away in the freezer before Lily was born. I am going to share both our family’s original version and the modified low FODMAP version. Mexican Chicken Soup (Original) Serves 6-8 Ingredients 2 T olive […]

  • Chicken
  • Tequila-Lime Chicken Fajitas

    This will not be fancy-fancy food blogging, but more of a way to share how recipes, functional food-prep, and kid-feeding works round these parts. First up will be my Tequila-Lime chicken, which is a classic recipe for our house. I am including my low FODMAP specifics, but this is just a regular old recipe for […]