Kids’ Activities

We are forever doing arts & crafts around here and I get most of my ideas through Pinterest. You can see all of my kid-friendly arts & crafts pins here and the more education-based pins can be found here.

The following are projects that we have completed and are worth sharing with you!

IMG_1130 copy IMG_1141 copy IMG_1150 copy IMG_5645 copycorrect imageIMG_8036 copy IMG_9281 copy copy IMG_2528 copy IMG_2530 copy IMG_2543 copy IMG_6107 copy IMG_6492 copy IMG_6887 IMG_6810 copy IMG_6664 copy IMG_6975 copy Dyed Rice copy copy IMG_2526 copy IMG_2541 copy IMG_5617 copy IMG_6108 copy IMG_6788 copy IMG_6856 copy IMG_6810 copy IMG_8692 copy IMG_4466 copyIMG_1055 copy200by200 IMG_3863 copy IMG_4292 copyIMG_3867 copy  DIY laminated 200 by 200